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Enterprise Data Protection

Cyber-proof your enterprise’s priceless data against all threats.

Big enterprises are big targets for hackers.

With so much data under your control, it’s imperative that you stay protected from ransomware attacks and other data security breaches.

Maximus Data Company specializes in high-stakes enterprise data protection for hybrid and multi-cloud. We’ve spent the last 20 years helping enterprises around the world keep their most important data secure.

With Maximus, you can protect your enterprise data from cyberattacks with an air-gapped, immutable file system that can’t be modified, deleted, or encrypted by hackers.

We offer the most comprehensive data backup, security, and recovery solution available to enterprise businesses. If the threat of data loss is keeping you up at night, let’s talk


Key Benefits of Enterprise Data Protection

Complete security
A logical air gap prevents attackers from discovering your backups while our append-only file system ensures backup data can't be encrypted. You can keep unauthorized users out with globally-enforced multi-factor authentication.

Automated backup policies
From backup frequency and retention to replication and archival, your enterprise can replace hundreds or thousands of backup jobs with just a few policies. Apply the same policies to all your workloads across on-premises and cloud.

Rapid, easy recovery
Search across your entire environment, down to the file level, and select the right point in time to recover. Reduce recovery time from days and weeks to hours or less.

Cloud protection
Archive your data to your public cloud provider’s blob storage service. Quickly access archived data with real-time predictive search.

Unified environments
Unify your data protection across on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS environments to maximize coverage.

24 x 7 x 365 support
Maximus Data Company offers world-class technical support from real human beings. Whenever you need help, we’ll be there to ensure that your business operations aren’t disrupted.

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Invest in Enterprise Data Protection From Maximus Data Company

When your enterprise data is secure, your business is unstoppable. Fill out this form and one of our enterprise data protection experts will be in touch with you to learn about your business’s specific requirements and goals.

We look forward to creating a customized cybersecurity and data backup solution that scales with your growing business.