Are you confident that your critical data is safe and easily recoverable? If a loss occurred, would you be able to restore information within a safe time span, before being impacted financially? To know your business is fully covered, here’s a checklist of must haves:

» Daily Backup Copy
» Immediate Offsite Storage
» Out of Region Copy
» Built in Encryption
» Daily Reliability
» Continuous Processing
» Access Safeguards
» Fast Incidental Restores
» Fast Volume Recoveries
» Technical Proficiency
» Time Window Efficiency
» Process Automation

Self-managed, in-house data protection solutions can easily lull a business into a false sense of security. It usually takes a system crash or some rare event like a burst sprinkler pipe before the gaps are exposed.

Don’t take chances with your business. Make online data backup a pillar to the security of your business while eliminating the burden of hardware costs and maintenance. Your business will be disaster ready and if you’re in a regulated industry, you’ll satisfy compliance mandates for information safeguards and controls.

Secure, Automated Online Data Backup

Maximus’s online data backup service delivers advanced data protection that combines remote backup and offsite storage into one automated step by simply installing software and leveraging existing internet connectivity. With disciplined, automated offsite backup, expert technical support, and disk-based recovery devices, you can focus on core competencies knowing your business is fully protected.

Subsequent to the first seed backup, changed data is detected at the block level and is the only data to be deduplicated and compressed before being stored in our secure datacenters. Since changed data typically represents a few percent of native data, this process can reduce backup windows by 55% or more! Integrity checks and email notification complete the process.

Backup data is stored on industry-leading disk arrays located in premier datacenter facilities. Each datacenter is monitored and equipped with redundant power and telecommunication supplies, climate controls, and fire suppression systems.


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