WAN Solutions

Maximus specializes in delivery of Private Network Solutions for multi-site businesses all over North America and beyond. Our sales engineering team can assist in customizing the appropriate design for your company with an eye towards balancing performance versus budget. DSL & Cable Internet connections combined with a managed firewall platforms are a great entry-level WAN. This platform provides excellent speed and security on a cost affordable basis.

Cutting-edge functionality is delivered by Maximus’s latest private IP service based on our Core MPLS architecture. QOS is delivered at the packet level from customer locations to our network via private T3, T1 or SDSL circuits, offering superior performance on all IP applications. We also sell and support legacy ATM & Frame Relay networks, partnering with AT&T and Verizon.

We also work with our customers closely to provide WAN optimization solutions which are a key component in the total WAN infrastructure.


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