Backup and Storage Assessments

Maximus’s Backup and Storage assessment will provide an analysis of your data volumes and their criticality to the business in order to help define an appropriate data lifecycle strategy.  Not all data is created equal and Maximus will recommend strategies that will best optimize your environment.

During this 3-5 day assessment one of our expert storage engineers will work with your team to get an overview of your environment.  We will dig down into key areas and pain point. Some of the discussion points:

  1. Current data structure
  2. Current backup structure
  3. Current recovery structure
  4. Current archive structure
  5. Current pain points

Prior to our engagement we will request relevant information that will help our engineers prepare for the onsite visit.  Upon completion of our onsite visit, Maximus will provide a detailed assessment and recommendation report within 14 days.

Our customers who have taken part in this assessment have not only enhanced their storage and backup infrastructure but also saved significant real dollars in hardware/software savings.


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