The cloud is grown up now - gone are the security concerns; gone are the days of waiting on provisioning; and more importantly, gone is the need to buy hardware! There certainly is still a place where physical hardware is required but virtualization should be considered more often than not. In fact, beginning in 2009, more virtual machines were deployed than physical servers.

Cloud servers give you peace of mind that a physical box will find hard to match. High availability is built in. Additionally, with firewalling managed by vShield, security of your cloud servers has never been better.


A common path to the cloud is using a hybrid cloud strategy whereby you move a portion of your infrastructure to the cloud. We’ve done this ourselves for our infrastructure and can attest to the effectiveness of the approach. Keep your private cloud and expand your footprint by leveraging MaxCloud for a true hybrid cloud. Combining physical infrastructure with a public cloud like MaxCloud is a methodology many of our clients adopt.


VMware has consistently innovated and produced the best virtualization products in the industry enabling adoption of secure, reliable, and scalable cloud computing for businesses of all sizes. MaxCloud leverages vCloud Director 1.5 providing a controlled and secure platform whereby IT managers can provision cloud servers and virtual cloud datacenters on demand. vCloud Director is the most advanced and powerful multi-tenant enabled cloud computing infrastructure available today.


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